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Saturday, April 16, 2005

San Gabriel Mountains 50K (31 Miles) -- SURVIVED!!!

On Saturday April 16th 2005, I ran an Ultramarathon in the San Gabriel Mountains. It took over 8 hours to run 31 miles. We ran from Sierra Madre to the top of Mt. Wilson and back. Awesome.

A big thanks to Andy Kumeda and all the volunteers. We had a great time.

Freddie Perez (64), Mario Sanchez(36) and I(40) ran together. We are all members of the Wild Mountain Runner Club.

PHOTO: Mouth full of PB&J, banana and M&Ms at the mile 17 aid station (notice I was wearing prototype AEI shoes which fell apart with 4 miles to go, so the last 4 miles were barefoot).

Chillin' at the finish

Note Added May 31, 2005:

Sad to report that one of the runners who particpated in this run died 10 days after the run. I remember him quite well. He looked a lot like Barefoot Ken. His name was Dan Kelly. He died at 58. He told me that this 50k felt like a 50 miler. Dan's the bearded guy in the middle of the photo below.

Dan Kelly (middle with beard), Rest in Peace

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