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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Angeles Crest 100 - Final 24 Miles (or so)

On Thursday, Andy Kumeda, RD for the 50k run I did last month, wrote saying that he was planning on doing the last section of the AC 100 course with a couple other AC 100 veterans on Saturday (today).

I thought that I was recovered enough from the PV Marathon, and since I want to eventually do the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Race, I knew it would be a great opportunity, so, by Friday I agreed.

Got up at 4:30 am and drove off to Johnson Field to meet Andy, Bill Graney and Wendy. We started at around 6:30 and ended around 2:30, six or more hours up in the hills.

We actually started from Bailey Canyon. Somehow, I had forgotten that name. A mental block of some sort. Why? Because that is the same crazy, long, steep trail that Andy's 50k started and ended on. On that day, I think we all ran way too fast up it. Today, we mostly walked the uphills. Much more civilized!

I went barefoot in most uphill sections, but changed into a pair of AEI shoes that I Shoe-Gooed last night for the downhill sections. But as you can see (photo below) they did not hold up well although they did stay on my feet to the end.

According to my Garmin the distance was 24.11 miles. According to Andy's altimeter, there was a 6,568 feet of ascent and 6,522 feet of descent.

Big thank you to Andy, Bill and Wendy!

These prototype AEI shoes took a beating

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