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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Mt. Whitney Redone - UPDATE

Update! Just in, photo of me on the summit.

Me at the top with my sandals ready to go down

Photo by Greg Kloes

Howdy Folks

Yep, I went and climbed Mt. Whitney again, 3 weeks after my first summit on July 4th. Things went MUCH smoother this time. Last time, it took over 8 hours to get to the summit. This time it only took 3 hours and 45 minutes to get to the top! It really helps to be going up during the day. Also, most of the snow is now gone.

I am awaiting photos from various folks whom I met on the way up and down who took photos of me for this blog.

Photo by Tom Inskeep
Somewhere on Trail Crest coming down with sandals

Close-up of sandals and little blood

Thanks to Jed Charlesworth who took this photo of me at the end of my run. The blue thing on my neck is a foot-shaped felt cut-out filled with white sage that my daughter made for me for Father's Day. I have worn it for good luck both times up. It works.

Home free
click to enlarge

Jed was taking photos of another couple who had just finished a multiple week hike on the John Muir Trail. They had met me 3 weeks ago on the Trail Crest. Apparently, in my nearly delusional state, I was telling everyone I met up there that the sign that says 1.9 miles to the summit should read one point nine hundred miles!

I did wear my sandals coming down. I am too impatient to come down barefoot.

More photos and stories soon.

To read my report and read comments at the Whitney Portal Discussion Board, click here.

Best, Barefoot Ted

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