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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wild Mountain Runner Club - 14 miler above JPL

Sunday did some great running with members of the San Fernando branch of the Wild Mountain Runners. We do a lot of trail running in the Angeles Crest.

We ran up a very tough 14 mile trail that starts at Hahamongna Park, goes along the side of the famous Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) campus and on up to the top of Mt. Brown.

I used to run up this very gnarly trail barefoot, and still can, but coming down was always very difficult and usually made my feet hurt for the rest of the day, especially if I ran fast.

Well, wearing the FiveFingers has helped me to be able to run this trail completely pain free. I still get the feedback I need through my feet, I just avoid the terrible pain that one can get in the arch by making one false step.

I am currently wearing the same pair of Vibram Five Fingers to run in everyday trying to get an idea of how long they will last. So far, I must say, these suckers are holding up very well.


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