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Saturday, August 12, 2006

AC 100 Night Training Run 11 Hours

Jay Anderson, Andy Kumeda, BFT, Adam Ray, Jeff Stein and Kevin Bradshaw

Thanks again to everyone for all your help on Friday night's run.

To tell the truth, it was more difficult mentally than physically.

This was my first run that went all night. My mind was really playing
tricks on me...every patch of soft ground looked perfect for a little snooze.

All in all it was a good learning experience. I know that I need more sleep deprivation training...


PS. According to Andy, we climbed 7100' up and traveled 9600' down -- that's quite a bit for 35-ish miles.

PSS. Wore a pair of Yellow Vibram FiveFingers. Since we ran at night, they didn't get too hot, so NO blisters after 11 hours. I did cut my big toe kicking a rock. It would have been much worse if I were barefoot. Lots of places on the trail are very barefootable, but some are just nutty as far as difficulty goes.

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