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Monday, August 21, 2006

Angeles Crest 100 Training Run - Baden-Powell

The Beginning

The End
Photo is of Ken, Jean and me.

Had a great training run this past Sunday. Must have done around 31 miles. Ran out of water. Got lost. Got found and lost again. Threw up. Long story. Ken and I finally made it out...alive, and none-too-worse-for-wear.

A group of Swiss tourists took this photo and a few more. They were amazed at my 40 year old Volkswagen and my FiveFingers shoes.

Best Regards, Barefoot Ted

PS. A big "thank you" to Hal Winton for what he does for all of us involved in the Angeles Crest 100.

The Swiss Rescue Team: Fredy, Lucas and Christian - push start the VW

Vibram FiveFingers after 31 miles of tough trail
1966 VW Beetle, 40 year old car, still going strong
Mt. Baden-Powel, Elevation 9399 ft / 2865 m, second highest in Angeles Forest

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