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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Holy Vibram FiveFingers: True Test of Grit

Two Pair of FFs, two pair of Injinji Socks Survive 50 miles of trail
My training for the upcoming Angeles Crest 100 Mile race continued this past weekend. I really need to make sure my FiveFingers are going to be able to handle 100 miles, so I put my newest holy FFs to the ultimate test.

On Saturday, I ran over 25 hard mountain miles in the middle of the day. With temperatures over 100 degrees, I ran for 8 hours at a little over 3 mph, the pace required to meet the 33 hour deadline for the AC 100.

Running on tough mountain trails in heat, in direct sunlight is hard to do. Through my training, I have found that it is essential to keep very well hydrated and to replace electrolytes. I took one Succeed! Cap every 15 minutes during the entire training run and drank continuously. I had no cramps.

On Monday, I was out again. This time I covered 22 miles on equally difficult trails; however, this time I ran half in the earlier morning and half after 4 pm.

Results: The holy FFs are fantastic. The holes allow them to breath which is essential in high temperatures. By wearing Injinji socks, I was able to prevent debris from entering the holes.

Injinjis and FiveFingers are a great combination.




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