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Friday, November 03, 2006

Mother Road 100 Update - Sponsor Found

I found a new sponsor. The company's name is Solar Communications International. They manufacture infrastructure concealment systems, i.e., they build cellular towers that look like trees, rocks, steeples, water towers, etc. They help hide all the stuff we need to make our cell phones and mobile computers work, so instead of an antenae, we see a tree. Their company slogan is Technology without Intrusion. I like the concept.

Lucky for me, the president of the company happens to be my cousin, Robert Renfro.

Other supporters and friends are Vibram USA,, Wild Mountain Runner Club, the Theodore Payne Foundation and Club Mas Loco. Also, a big thank you to Mended Veil Jewelry for my Merman Skeleton Necklace.

Merman Skeleton by Mended Veil

The race starts on November 11th in Oklahoma. The Mother Road 100

Stay tuned for more.


PS. Vibram USA's president said my singlet was starting to look too much like Nascar. Ain't that the truth.

PSS. Buy your own version of BFT's Mother Road 100 singlet online at


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