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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Verdugo Mountains Huarache Test Continues

Self-Portrait: LA Under My Toe #1

Self-Portrait: LA Under My Toe #2

Running into Mountains

Amazing weather today with temperatures in the 80s and clear skies. Catalina Island could clearly been seen along with Mount Wilson.

Idea for an Event: CATALINA ISLAND to MT. WILSON

1. Swim (or kayak) 22 miles across the channel then run to the top of Mt. Wilson (using Pier to Point course) about 70 miles. Any takers?

Panorama showing Mt. Wilson on left and Catalina Island on right

Now for the FUN STUFF:

Well, today did about 25 miles in the huaraches and did find a problem that I had been noticing, but today made clear -- sweating in the huaraches is not easy to do, for once the foot starts sweating, especially on a steep, long downhill, the dirt on the foot begins to turn to mud which in turn becomes slippery...does not feel good.

Firstly, in the morning, I did some running with all the students in Students Run LA at the Hansen Dam 18 mile Friendship Run. Then it was off to the mountains.

Started at La Tuna Canyon up the Hostetter Fire Road to the Verdugo Mtwy over to the Whiting Woods Trail. Whiting Woods in quite steep and long. Today was the first time I went all the way to the bottom only to find no public water at the trail head. I made my way over to a local park, Crescenta Valley Park, to get water and clean-up a little before heading back.

I had to clean my foot off at the end of one very step nearly 5 mile downhill; otherwise, I would have had an accident, for when the sandal is slippery, you are prone to the one common (easily fixable) malfunction: breaking the strap at the toe or pulling it loose.

Otherwise the sandals performed well. Heat is definitely something I have not had a chance to test these in. Apparently rubber is a conductor of heat, not an insulator, so heat can start to build up which could be an issue in the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon. More testing required.


Note: Did some road running today, Monday, in the heat. Found some of the same problems with excess sweating starting to be a problem. I have to figure out a way to keep the foot dry. Any suggestions?

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