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Monday, March 12, 2007

Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon in Huaraches

Crossing the bridge at mile 10

My huaraches after the race

Successfully completed the race in 9:44, an hour better than last year. The entire race covers between 47 and 49 miles. Wore my hand-made, Vibram-soled huaraches for the entire race. They worked perfectly. My feet were fine after the race...only a little dirty!

I learned more secrets about the huaraches on this trip. For on thing, the name in Raramuri is akarache or akahuarache. Secondly, I learned a better, simpler way to tie them. Finally, I learned that most of the Indians use their huaraches in daily life as workboots etc. They are not particularly interested in a thinner sole. The Vibram soles on my sandals are only 4mm thick. You can still FEEL plenty and they are extremely flexible.

I like to put myself as first place in the division of gringos who ran the race with shoes that they made themselves!


PS. Photos by Chris and Andrew Labbe

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