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Monday, May 07, 2007

Tough Feet - preserved?

My Feet After 2007 Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon

My feet continue to get tougher even though I have been doing a fair amount of training and racing in my thin-soled huaraches and my Vibram FiveFingers.

Foot toughness is not built simply by exposing the bare foot to the ground.

As many of us barefooters have said regularly, you don't want your feet to become hard and desensitized. You want them to feel. Some things will always feel bad on a barefoot. Those things hurt because your foot is telling you that you are not ready for that, bare. Your feet are training YOU.

Foot toughness comes as the WHOLE FOOT develops and learns. So, minimally protecting the sole, as long as the rest of the foot can do what it is supposed to do, should not stop the overall development of the foot.

My feet are as strong as ever, even stronger than ever before. I expect that they will continue to develop the more I nurture and train them, the more they nurture and train me.

We shall see. So far, so good.


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