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Saturday, July 07, 2007

AC 100 Training Night Run: Chantry to Finish

We started at Chantry at around 10:30 PM and headed for the finish.

The course was as dry as I have ever seen it. Most streams are now dry. The trailwork that has been done between Idle Hour and Sam Merrill is very evident. Great work. Also, the Mt. Wilson Toll Road has been graded and was like running on fine powdered snow.

I decided to test both 6mm double-hemp huarache and a 6mm latigo leather huarache...again.

On the way up the first long climb, the leather sandal pulled through the toe hole. I took the sandal off and continued climbing with one barefoot. Really no problem going up. As I climbed, I repaired the sandal, so by the time we took a rest, I could pop it back on, no worse for wear.

I had the toe knot come loose on the hemp sandal on the way down Sam Merrill. Repaired it on the road and continued.

I purposely went out with sandals that had been heavily used last week. I need to become completely confident in using these sandals including being able to repair on the road while moving if necessary.

Thanks for a great night training run.


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