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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

60" Highwheel Bicycle: Circus Prep

Video of me riding the highwheel
This bike IS too big for me...but I still enjoyed riding it.

Borrowing Dave Moore's 60 inch highwheel bicycle

FiveFingers Sprints make good bicycle shoes
Need something to protect my feet when I jump off!

Yesterday I went out to Apple Valley to meet up with Dave Moore. He is the my guru for all things turn of the 19th century. Among many other things, Dave is famous for building bicycles, old style highwheel pennyfarthing bicycles, styled after the originals.

I own one of Dave's 56" highwheelers that he built for an Australian race. It has an very thin and lightweight 56" wheel and is amazing to ride. However, it is currently out-of-commission, so Dave is loaning me this massive 60" highwheel bicycle.

Two reasons why I am riding again:

1. I still want to complete an IronMan race as-if it were 1890, using technology and techniques that would have been available in that era, the era just before pneumatic tires and the modern bicycle.

2. My daughter and I hope to perform in an upcoming performance of Seussical a Broadway musical inspired by Dr. Seuss being performed by Showcamp.


My Neighbors Entertained.

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Blogger run to live said...

wow! how did u get up there???

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


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