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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brent Mayne visits BFT Land

Retired professional baseball player Brent Mayne stopped by today. Brent has a very interesting life history and has recently written a book (the book) about baseball catching, you can read more here.

He dropped by to pick up a pair of custom Vibram-soled huaraches and learn a little about how to wear his FiveFinger Sprints. He is convinced through research that the way to go for running is more minimal. We went for a little run in my backyard testing grounds at Hansen Dam. I was impressed with Brent's overall form. I believe he has started a very interesting fitness journey, one repeated by so many of you, discovering that LESS is MORE when in comes to running shoes.

Brent had a chance to see the lay of the land around the 15 acre horse ranch I live on. It was a perfect day in the upper 80s with bright sun, clear skies and a cool breeze. SoCal October. Nice.

Being a personal trainer who helps people re-think and re-evaluate what it means to be fit, and how to go about being fit, is my goal. Join me.



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