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Friday, July 09, 2010

First Production Model Luna Sandals Started Shipping

The Original Production LUNA from 2010

Letter to the first 300 production Luna Sandal customers -

Luna Sandal Company | July 8th, 2010

Thank you for ordering Luna Sandals.  You are among the first to try our inaugural production model.  These sandals were cut in a solar powered workshop in Oregon and assembled in Seattle by me and Jules Smuin.  It has been a labor of love.

The footwear of our hunter-gathering relatives has always fascinated me.  Early in my barefoot running experiments I started testing out various indigenous sandals from around the world.  I was fascinated with the traditional footwear of Japan and of the sandals of the Southwest, particularly the sandals worn by the original natives of Los Angeles, the Tongva People.

Then in 2006 I headed to the Copper Canyon.  There I deepened my fascination with the Raramuri huarache sandals and learned how to make and wear them thanks to Seňor Manuel Luna and others.  After returning, I started making sandals for myself and then started selling kits and custom made sandals.  I have been experimenting ever since.

This first production sandal represents the best expression of all my sandal testing experience.  Through small-scale, local production, I can give a much larger audience a chance to try what I consider to be a fine minimalist running sandal.  We are looking forward to getting your feedback so we can continue to improve and grow and share.

Please visit to get information on how to tie your sandals.  Luna Sandals come untied.  Each user must tie the sandal to their own foot.  It is the only way to get the perfect fit.   Production Luna’s can be tied either laced above ankle or using a slip-on style.

In the coming weeks and months the Luna Sandal website will develop into a place where you can share your experiences, get advice from other users, find resupplies and view the various production and custom sandals available.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Luna Sandals make for great running sandals, but they are also excellent for hiking, walking and casual wear.  They look great with jeans and are made in Los Estados Unidos de América by happy monkeys.

¡Muchos Gracias!

Barefoot Ted

Luna Sandal Company, 956 10TH AVE E (GARAGE FACTORY), SEATTLE, WA 98102 | 206-395-8238


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