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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Fellow Space Monkeys Unite

Lunatics, Lunar Explorers, Fellow Space Monkeys...

...this monkey is riding the biggest wave he has ever ridden...and loving it.

Lots of folks are wondering where I am going with Luna Sandals. Have I become a shoe salesman they wonder. "How can Barefoot Ted sell footwear? After all he's 'Barefoot' Ted, right?"

Well Space Monkeys, truth be told, I founded Luna Sandals in order to make the best sandals in the world...because my favorite footwear after my own bare feet are my Lunas. It's that simple.

Luna honors the foot first and the age old tradition of sandal wearing. Luna does not make the assumption that the foot is a broken, malformed appendage that lacks the functional ability to do what it does best, i.e., walk and run.

The barefoot alone is a marvel, one of the preeminently engineered human parts. Our foot and our head define us as a species. We are both smart and agile over varied terrain in our bare or minimally clad feet.

Luna's goal is simple. Spread the message of the greatness of the human foot and its capacities before the addition of any accoutrements while at the same time promoting the revival of footwear designs used by our hunter-gathering ancestors updated to fit the needs of 21st century primates.

Luna also wants future happy primates, so we move forward with the goal of using earth and people friendly processes and materials to manufacture Lunas in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Ultimately, Luna looks to facilitate and encourage now living humans to rediscover ancient styles of movement that our barefooted and sandal wearing relatives thoroughly and convincingly mastered over the millennia.

Ancestor worship starts at the feet. Bare, it represents your connection to the earth and all other beings. Sandaled, it finds a way to stay connected without being disconnected. Carpe diem.

Barefoot Ted

PS.  Thanks to CodeMonkey Bookis for the new logo, it rocks!

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Anonymous barefoot thundergod said...

Thanks for these words of wisdom. I always sigh when I hear people scold others about not being "pure" barefoot and running on all sorts of sharp objects like they do, so it's nice to hear a sane voice of reason (did you ever think someone would call you sane? :) when it comes to living with your feet.

Friday, June 10, 2011


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