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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Caballo Blanco's Legacy

Caballo Blanco's Legacy - A Monkey's Perspective

Geronimo, Caballo's hero, print gifted to Maria at the Memorial

Caballo's wisdom was expressed in his authenticity.  He did not teach us to be just like him, but rather, I believe he taught us the importance of finding and being our own authentic selves.

The following quote from American philosopher J. William Lloyd sums up what I imagine Caballo telling us to gain from his life...
This is My Interpretation, but I am not asking you to make it your interpretation.  Rather its aim is to inspire you to make your own interpretation.  I am not posing as a Master, or asking you to be my disciple.  If you were seeking to be my disciple, I would tell you to question every word that I said, to weigh, measure, test, and finally accept only what seemed to you true and good, assimilating that into your own spiritual life -- in brief, to find your own Road to the Center.  What I would want would be to awaken and stimulate your own spiritual powers. from Author's Preface in "My Interpretation of Truth and Life" by J. William Lloyd, 1937 
Caballo's legacy lives in each one of you who were touched by his persona, by his dream, by his life...and that was a lot of people...the vast majority of them through the book Born to Run, a book that helped blossom the fully budded dream.  We are witnessing a blossoming.

And indeed Caballo's dream lives on.  CCUM 2013 is certain. Caballo's Norawas de Raramuri organization continues and the Caballo Blanco Foundation is born.  All dreams.  All coming true. KEEP DREAMIN'

Patrick Sweeney's illustration sums it all up for me.  Perfect.
Live your life authentically...and always RUN FREE!!!

¬°Gracias Caballo!

BFT, El Mono Hablador

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