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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Manuel Luna Education Fund

Me and Manuel Luna in 2012
Have you heard about the Manuel Luna Education Fund? At this point in history it is a dream slowly unfolding. The idea is simple. Create an education fund that can be used by young students in the Copper Canyons to help offset the cost of going to high school or college. At this point, we are not a formal "tax deductible" non-profit foundation. Rather, we are just building a fund with mostly small contributions from friendly Monkeys like you!

Manuel Luna Education Fund Pack

If you are interested in supporting the fund, it's simple. Just order one of our $5 Manuel Luna Education Fund Packs. 100% of your contribution goes directly into the fund.

As the fund builds, we will begin to distribute to those in need. We hope to announce some of the first scholarships at this year's Ultramarathon Caballo Blanco on March 6th.

Thanks for your support. BFT


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